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Service, Quality and Experience

Our core values.
As a Distributor Company we know exactly what is our mission. Our philosophy is to make the day-to-day easier to our customers. Delivering exactly what they need in only 24 hours. Always looking for a win-win relationship.
We are a young and enthusiast team mad about cycling.
Come and ride with us!

Finna Landscape

On-line Virality

We like to tell to our customers the stories behind our portfolio of Premium Brands. We are always sharing or creating content about everything in connection with the Bicycle Industry that could be of the interest of our audience.
In case interested, do not miss all the information we daily share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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Building Brand Awareness

We like to introduce ourselves under the motto 'We do not only distribute Brands, we build Brands'. Our strong knowledge about the Cycling Industry gives always a boost to the right introduction in the stores but also on the Media.
It is part of our job.
We spent the last 25 years building Premium Brands in Spain but also in Portugal.

own projects

Our enterprising spirit has always moved us to invest in different projects in relation to the Cycling Industry. Finna Cycles, for example, gave us access to New Markets, increased the ratio of exports and speeded up the process of internationalization of the Company.

Finna Cycles

finna cycles

    Finna Cycles comes out from the concern of all we move through the city every day, slowly but surely. People who believe in a change and, moreover than that, those who feel responsible to make this happen.
    We design all our models with a unique and concise goal: to improve the quality of life for those who opt for the change.


    TFHPC is a new line of premium products for Mountain Bike. TFHPC components will help you to improve the performance of your bike due to its extreme lightness.
    The quality and technology invested in all its manufacturing process combine to result in the best accessories for your bike: TFHPC.
Bike Commuting

bike commuting

    Bikecommuting.com wants to be the meeting point of all those who have already changed their mentality and now contemplates the city with eyes cyclists.
    Freedom, exercise, health or sustainability are some of the huge list of advantages of getting around the cities using a means of transport which is becoming more popular: the bicycle.
Niner Configure

Discover Niner Configure!

100% conceived at Top Fun Biking, Niner Configure is a fast, safe and totally professional tool that lets you customize any of the Niner models the way you want it. Niner Configure makes it easy.
Design your complete bike from A to Z and make the most of any Niner frame!

Go to ninerconfigure.com

mountain bike & road cycling

From its beginnings, Top Fun Biking has always been connected to both specialties: Mountain Bike and Road Cycling. Our only premise is to bet on projects or brands with our similar attitude and products with added value such as:

bike commuting & urban motion

The growth experienced during the last years confirm we are ready to achieve new goals. In addition to the Mountain Bike & Road Cycling division we also felt the need and the responsibility to invest in the Urban Cycling with brands like:

Top Fun Biking Headlines

  • Since its beginnings, the Company has always been linked to cycling, specifically to the ‘Trialsín’ specialty (‘Cycling Trials’ in the early 80s), being innovative in this modality that still survives after more than 25 years of history.

    Staff Top Fun Biking
  • In only 5 years Top Fun Biking has become a strong player thanks to its power of anticipation and to ‘ride’ against the tide during the last years of crisis.

    Staff Top Fun Biking

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